The Exif Tag Remover Is Updated

Today our Exif tag remover, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.4. Here is the changelog:

An option to remove Adobe Photoshop APP12 Ducky (it includes when you use the Save for Web feature).
Now our Exif cleaner is able to remove JFIF along with JFIF Extension.
Ability to add all supported image files from a certain directory.
Enhanced [...]

Our Desktop Audiobook Player Is Updated

Today our desktop player for audiobooks, Angel’s Vox was updated to the version 1.4.5. Here is the list of changes:

Improved backing up on updating the program database at startup.
The readme document was extended by adding the new paragraph “Updating the Product”.
Enhanced user interface of the Enter Code window.
Version information was added into the program installer.
Now [...]

The Windows Utility for Making Faster Audio Was Updated

Our team is proud to introduce the new version of our speed listening software, Audio Speed Changer Pro v1.1. It’s a batch Windows utility that is able to make your audio books and podcasts faster, thus saving your valuable time and money. Here is a brief list of the issues addressed in this release:

An option [...]

ExifCleaner That Strips Exif Was Updated

Our image utility that strips Exif was slightly updated on June 1st, 2010. Here are the changes of ExifCleaner v1.3.4:

The internal graphics library was updated.
Fixed default sizes of the main form and all its elements.

Discuss this version and announcement here.

The Image Optimizer That Erases Exif and Adobe XMP Metadata Was Updated

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 our image optimizer for erasing Exif and Adobe XMP, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.3. Here is the list of changes:

Added definition of the Gamma Exif tag.
Now Exif cleaner opens an image with an associated program on double-clicking a single item in the list.
A configurable option of opening an [...]

The Audio Player That Remembers the Last Played Track and Position Was Updated

Today we’re proud to present you a new release of our audio player that remembers the last played track/song and position in it. Here is the changelog for Angel’s Vox v1.4:

Added support of MPEG-4 audio file formats: now the player can playback AAC, MP4, M4A and M4B files.
Ability to change the tempo of an audio [...]

Our Exif Deletion Tool Was Renewed

Today our tool for deletion Exif metadata, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.2. The changes for the current release are:

Added an option for deletion the Adobe XMP metadata.
An option for removing IPTC (including the whole Photoshop IRB section), if it presents in the file.
Now you can copy selected Exif strings to the clipboard via [...]

An Updated Audiobook Player Is Available

On Friday, February 5, 2010 our audiobook player, Angel’s Vox was updated to the version 1.3. This is what is new:

Changed an icon of the Sleep Timer button.
Fixed the problem with skinned scroll bars when in the always-on-top mode.
Minimizing to tray when the Shift key is hold down.
Skinned dialogs for opening files were replaced by [...]

An Update of Our Exif Tag Remover

On Thursday, January 7, 2010 our Exif removing tool, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.1. And this is the list of changes:

Added context menu for the image list.
Shell integration with x64 Windows systems.
Handling of directories on drag & drop into the image list.
Handling of the whole directories on passing them as command line parameters.
Displaying [...]

Angel’s Vox 1.2 Is Released

We are pleased to inform you that an update of our audiobook player for Windows, Angel’s Vox 1.2 is now available for downloading. Here is the list of changes:

Added support of waveform audio (WAV) file format.
Added “pause playback” and “pause playback and quit” options for the sleep timer.
Added menu items and keyboard [...]