Update for Software to Adjust Playback Speed of Audio Books

We have just updated our batch utility for adjusting playback speed of audio books. These are the changes made in the version 1.5:

Tweaked to display the overall progress of transcoding on the Windows 8/7 taskbar.
Now fully supports Windows Media Audio.
Audio libraries were updated to the most recent versions.
Updated the used list control.
Successfully tested on 64-bit [...]

Updated Turing Machine Software

This note is here to inform you about an update for our Turing machine Windows software. Now Uber Turing Machine is at the version 1.4 and the changes are as follows:

Added two new math examples demonstrating how to raise a number to the second and to the third power.
Enabled drag and drop on the main [...]

Program for Downloading Free Audio Books Was Updated

Today our program to download free audiobooks has been updated to the version 1.4. Here is an excerpt from the change log:

31120 files and 471 fresh free audiobooks were included into the catalog.
Implemented displaying of overall downloading progress on the Windows Seven/Eight task bar.
Tested for compatibility with the release preview of Windows 8 and with [...]

New Release of Auto-Bookmarking Player for Audio Books

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, our audiobook player with auto-bookmarks was updated to the version 1.7. These are implemented new features and tweaks made:

Enhanced, the UIPI workaround for: support for multimedia keys, Windows 7/8 taskbar’s thumbnail toolbar, restoring of the tray icon after Windows Explorer’s crash or restart, and for detecting of multiple running app [...]

Renewed Download Manager of Public Domain and Free Audio Books

Audiobook Downloader Pro — the download manager of free and public domain audio books — is just updated to the version 1.3.3. The new features and changes are:

Added 1250 more free audiobooks and 81183 downloadable files to the catalog (32 percent growth)!
Launched and tested for compatibility on the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
Installed and [...]

Hungarian Translation for Tweaker to Re-Enable Windows 8 Start Menu and Button

This quick note is to inform you, that the system utility to disable/enable Windows 8’s Start menu and button was updated on February 27, 2012, adding a Hungarian translation for the app user interface.

Windows 8 Metro Interface Disabler Is Updated

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, we updated the tool that helps you to disable the Windows 8 Metro UI. This is the changelog for Win Eight Metro UI Switcher v1.1:

Applied a digital signature to the main exe and to the setup program.
The app is now translated into Deutsch/German.
Improved handling of multiple instances against Windows 8’s [...]

New Version of Batch Audio Time Stretcher

On Sunday, January 15th, 2012, our audio time-stretching software was updated. And Audio Speed Changer Pro (ASCP) is now at v1.4.4. The changes are as follows:

The application now can be controlled using the command line.
Added a digital signature to both the main executable and the installer program.
The library for handling ID3v2 tags is upgraded.
Tested compatibility [...]