Geotag Remover Is Updated

On April fourth, twenty eleven our geotag remover is updated to the version 1.6. The changelog is:

Added some website links into the Help menu.
Improved previewing of pictures: CMYK JPEG photos are now supported, fixed resource leaking, enhanced performance.
Fixed memory leaking of the list for previewing Exif.
Now shortcuts created in the start menu and on the [...]

Our Windows Utility That Deletes Exif Was Updated

Our Windows utility that enables you to delete Exif from JPEG photos, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.5. Here is the list of changes:

A new extra option to remove FlashPix extensions (APP2 FPXR).
Added a confirmation of deleting metadata from JPEG photos.
Now there is a total image count on the main status bar.
Now the application [...]

Batch Utility That Removes Exif Revamped

On Friday, September 10, 2010 the batch utility that removes Exif from photos, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.4.6. Here are the changes in the current revision:

Fixed bug when loading the column widths of the image list, if the main window was previously maximized.
Enhanced UX of the dialog for browsing for the result folder.
A [...]

The Exif Tag Remover Is Updated

Today our Exif tag remover, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.4. Here is the changelog:

An option to remove Adobe Photoshop APP12 Ducky (it includes when you use the Save for Web feature).
Now our Exif cleaner is able to remove JFIF along with JFIF Extension.
Ability to add all supported image files from a certain directory.
Enhanced [...]

ExifCleaner That Strips Exif Was Updated

Our image utility that strips Exif was slightly updated on June 1st, 2010. Here are the changes of ExifCleaner v1.3.4:

The internal graphics library was updated.
Fixed default sizes of the main form and all its elements.

Discuss this version and announcement here.

The Image Optimizer That Erases Exif and Adobe XMP Metadata Was Updated

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 our image optimizer for erasing Exif and Adobe XMP, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.3. Here is the list of changes:

Added definition of the Gamma Exif tag.
Now Exif cleaner opens an image with an associated program on double-clicking a single item in the list.
A configurable option of opening an [...]

Our Exif Deletion Tool Was Renewed

Today our tool for deletion Exif metadata, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.2. The changes for the current release are:

Added an option for deletion the Adobe XMP metadata.
An option for removing IPTC (including the whole Photoshop IRB section), if it presents in the file.
Now you can copy selected Exif strings to the clipboard via [...]

An Update of Our Exif Tag Remover

On Thursday, January 7, 2010 our Exif removing tool, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.1. And this is the list of changes:

Added context menu for the image list.
Shell integration with x64 Windows systems.
Handling of directories on drag & drop into the image list.
Handling of the whole directories on passing them as command line parameters.
Displaying [...]