Audio Book Player Now Comes with Support of Windows 7 Taskbar

Today we release a new version of our audio book player, Angel’s Vox v1.6. Here is what-is-new:

Support for the Windows 7 Taskbar. Now you can control audio book playback using the thumbnail toolbar:

Screenshot of the new release of our audio book player Angel's Vox coming with Windows 7 Taskbar support

Links to the SuperUtils websites [...]

Update of the Windows Audiobook Player

There is a new version of the audiobook player for Windows available. And here is the changelog for v1.5:

Added an integration with the audiobook downloader.
Updated the internal audio playback library.
Updated the internal audio effects library.
Fixed skinning of the two main lists: Library and File List.
Some minor fixes and grammar corrections.

The Audio Player That Remembers the Last Played Track and Position Was Updated

Today we’re proud to present you a new release of our audio player that remembers the last played track/song and position in it. Here is the changelog for Angel’s Vox v1.4:

Added support of MPEG-4 audio file formats: now the player can playback AAC, MP4, M4A and M4B files.
Ability to change the tempo of an audio [...]

An Updated Audiobook Player Is Available

On Friday, February 5, 2010 our audiobook player, Angel’s Vox was updated to the version 1.3. This is what is new:

Changed an icon of the Sleep Timer button.
Fixed the problem with skinned scroll bars when in the always-on-top mode.
Minimizing to tray when the Shift key is hold down.
Skinned dialogs for opening files were replaced by [...]

Angel’s Vox 1.2 Is Released

We are pleased to inform you that an update of our audiobook player for Windows, Angel’s Vox 1.2 is now available for downloading. Here is the list of changes:

Added support of waveform audio (WAV) file format.
Added “pause playback” and “pause playback and quit” options for the sleep timer.
Added menu items and keyboard [...]

An Unique Audiobook Player Is Now Available — Angel’s Vox

We have released a new absolutely unique software for audiobook listeners — Angel’s Vox. It saves your time and has a bunch of handy features, like regulating playback speed from the main control bar, keeping progress for each audiobook in a library, sleep timer and much more! Don’t miss an opportunity to try it for [...]