New Release of Auto-Bookmarking Player for Audio Books

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, our audiobook player with auto-bookmarks was updated to the version 1.7. These are implemented new features and tweaks made:

Enhanced, the UIPI workaround for: support for multimedia keys, Windows 7/8 taskbar’s thumbnail toolbar, restoring of the tray icon after Windows Explorer’s crash or restart, and for detecting of multiple running app [...]

Renewed Download Manager of Public Domain and Free Audio Books

Audiobook Downloader Pro — the download manager of free and public domain audio books — is just updated to the version 1.3.3. The new features and changes are:

Added 1250 more free audiobooks and 81183 downloadable files to the catalog (32 percent growth)!
Launched and tested for compatibility on the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
Installed and [...]

Free Audio Books of Month, December 2011

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Free Audio Books of Month, September 2011

Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson et Alii

Free Audio Books of Month, August 2011

Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

Audio Book Player Now Comes with Support of Windows 7 Taskbar

Today we release a new version of our audio book player, Angel’s Vox v1.6. Here is what-is-new:

Support for the Windows 7 Taskbar. Now you can control audio book playback using the thumbnail toolbar:

Screenshot of the new release of our audio book player Angel's Vox coming with Windows 7 Taskbar support

Links to the SuperUtils websites [...]

Audiobook Downloader Is Updated

Today the audiobook downloader is updated to the version 1.2. The changes are:

Some links to audiobook resources were added into the Help menu.
The database engine SQLite is updated for faster search.
112 more free audio books and 6633 downloadable files are now available.
Now calculation of an audiobook size is much more faster.

An Update for the Audiobook Downloader

On December 12, 2010 our audiobook downloader was updated to the version 1.1. This is a changelog:

Implemented the instant search feature (it is optional and enabled by default). Thanks to Brian Cui for the idea!
Some more free audio books are now available for downloading.

Free Audiobooks of the Month, December 2010

This month’s free audiobooks are provided by and

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, narrated by Antonia Bath, unabridged version in MPEG-1 Layer 3 and MPEG-4 file formats is available here.

New Product: The Downloader of Free Audiobooks

On Monday, November 29, 2010 we released a new product — Audio Book Downloader Pro. This is a fast and convenient downloader of free audio books from the LibriVox archive. It enables you to effectively find an audiobook that you are interested in, and download it at maximum possible speed. Try Audiobook Downloader Pro for [...]