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  • JRC

    An avid podcast listener, I had been looking for a good time-compression software program. I found a freeware program that worked – sort of. It was not easy to set up, the display was somewhat difficult to read and it had music-related features than I really didn’t need.

    When ASC Pro was offered at the Giveaway of the Day website, I jumped at the chance to try it. I was not disappointed!

    ASC Pro has a concise, straightforward interface. Four large buttons allow the user to select files for conversion, deletion and conversion options. Pushing the “File” button opens a window that displays the contents of a user-specified file folder. The user selects one or more files for conversion. Clicking the “Convert . . . ” button presents options for conversion file type, quality, converted-file folder destination and other options. Slide controls allow the user to select “Tempo,” “Pitch” and “Playback” rates. A preview option allows the user to sample conversion results. This is a big time-saver . . . which is what time compression is all about, after all.

    The “Remove From List” and “Clear List” buttons are useful for editing a list or removing one when conversions are completed.

    Most audio files I use are a minimum of 24 kbps, up to 48 kbps. I usually convert all files to 96 kbps (the lowest conversion rate available in ASC Pro is 32 kbps) and “Maximum” quality.

    The results of file conversions performed by ASC Pro have been consistently excellent. There is no degradation of audio quality when the maximum quality option is used. I have not tried lower quality settings, but find no reason for it since max-quality conversions are fairly quick. System resources used by ASC Pro on my ancient Win 2K computer are modest.

    I had some problems with a few files converted by an earlier version of ASC Pro, but all of those files came from one source. It’s possible the original files had some sort of flaw that Slightly impaired the conversion process (though all conversions were usable). I notified SuperUtils of the problems I had encountered. I received prompt and exceptional assistance.

    Later versions of ASC Pro have had no problem converting hundreds of files of various sizes and bit rates, and has handled files from that troublesome source without further difficulties.

    To sum up; ASC Pro is a very useful, straightforward audio conversion program. It has many versatile options and produces high-quality results. It’s a valuable addition to any audiophile’s “toolbox.”

    Reviewed version:

    John R. Cavell
    Philadelphia, PA

  • Greg

    It’s a great utility but its lack of support for the WMA format as input is a serious shortcoming. I hope this will be addressed in an upcoming update.

  • Harry

    First, thanks to the author. This tool is very useful and convenient, and smart:) I like it as I meet it.

    Second, I encounter a problem, maybe a bug. That’s, when I turn the tempo scaling to +100%, the mp3 file output indicates its time length is 13:31:35, always, but playing without problem, stopping at the right time.

    After all, I like it for making people live longer with audios:)


  • Admin

    Greg, complete support for WMA inputs has been added in the version 1.5 of Audio Speed Changer Pro.

  • Maciej

    why when i increase the tempo scaling to 50% the maximum amount of minutes the program converts it to is 405:48, it cuts it off somewhere along, why? when i have an mp3 that has 1020:18 it should be cut to half at 50% tempo right? so to about 510:9, but it always cuts it to 405:48, for longer mp3 files the same thing cuts off at 405:18, i have a registered version

  • Admin

    Maciej, please direct this question to the tech support along with your sample input file and registration details.

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