Update for Audio Book Player with Auto-Bookmarks

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, our audiobook player with auto-bookmarks was updated to the version 1.7. These are implemented new features and tweaks made:

  • Enhanced, the UIPI workaround for: support for multimedia keys, Windows 7/8 taskbar’s thumbnail toolbar, restoring of the tray icon after Windows Explorer’s crash or restart, and for detecting of multiple running app instances.
  • Tested for compatibility against the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Desktop 11.10 x86-64 + Wine 1.4 final and on the consumer preview of Windows 8.
  • Signed and timestamped the program binaries, using SuperUtils’ digital signature issued by COMODO.
  • Tweaked to remember the most recently used directory paths between launches, by the commands “Add Directory” and “Play Directory”.
  • Fixed the tab order of the windows “Sleep Timer Options” and “Settings”.
  • Enhanced the installer of the application to set the correct working directory for the created shortcuts.
  • Upgraded the used list control and the audio subsystem to the most recent version.
  • Since this release, the volume fading isn’t applied to short sound files anymore.
  • A few grammar corrections.

This version of the audiobook player is very recommended for you to upgrade to.

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