The Image Optimizer That Erases Exif and Adobe XMP Metadata Was Updated

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 our image optimizer for erasing Exif and Adobe XMP, ExifCleaner was updated to the version 1.3. Here is the list of changes:

  • Added definition of the Gamma Exif tag.
  • Now Exif cleaner opens an image with an associated program on double-clicking a single item in the list.
  • A configurable option of opening an image on double clicking the image thumbnail.
  • A new extra option of removing all JPEG comment (COM) markers, if there are any.
  • Finding and removing the ICC profile.
  • A new option of removing the Adobe APP14 segment.
  • Buttons for quick selecting of all and of none additional metadata to remove.
  • A new file option: Opening the destination folder when processing is finished.
  • Fixed an error when specifying bad output directory and a tab other than File Options is selected.
  • Saving and restoring dimensions of form, panes and columns.
  • Now you cannot close the Progress window when erasing of Exif and of other metadata is in progress.

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