The Audio Player That Remembers the Last Played Track and Position Was Updated

Today we’re proud to present you a new release of our audio player that remembers the last played track/song and position in it. Here is the changelog for Angel’s Vox v1.4:

  • Added support of MPEG-4 audio file formats: now the player can playback AAC, MP4, M4A and M4B files.
  • Ability to change the tempo of an audio book without changing the pitch, and to alter the playback pitch regardless of other params. Explore additional options using the spinner at left and above of the Stop button.
  • Added a configurable function for skipping commercials.
  • Count-down mode for the track progress timer.
  • Disabling hardware mixing option for bypassing possible driver issues.
  • Restoring from the system tray when loading a second copy of the audio book player.
  • Some interface fixes and corrections.

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